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Hi! I'm Nechami

Pro MUA, Marketing & Business Consultant, and Founder & CEO of Karmela Cosmetics, a natural, high-performance beauty brand. More importantly, I’m a woman who believes in the strength of empowerment and inspiration. A loving daughter, sister, and friend.

As a Marketing Consultant, my priority is to help you clarify & then actualize your ideal self-image for yourself & your brand, so you attract the right opportunities & people into your life, & gain the confidence & success you’re looking for. 


I’ve been blessed to have my work featured on FOX, NBC, as well as multiple podcasts, helping women achieve greater success, income, enhanced self-image & productive mindset through my Marketing Magic & Self- Imaging strategies.


When your brand/business message is aligned with your personal image, and what you stand for, it creates a sense of consistency, trust, and credibility.


Much of my clients’ success stories stems from my holistic perspective, an integration of a combination of techniques, to achieve desired outcomes. 


All this is customized for the individual, prioritizing what’s important, removing feelings of stress & overwhelm, & gaining a clear path to abundance.


Contact me to schedule your complimentary discovery session to see how we can redefine & improve your business & marketing!