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Hi! I'm Nechami

Pro MUA, Marketing & Image Consultant, and Founder & CEO of Karmela Cosmetics, a natural, high-performance beauty brand. More importantly, I’m a woman who believes in the strength of empowerment and inspiration. A loving daughter, sister, and friend.

My mission as a fellow makeup lover is to keep you feeling and looking beautiful from the inside out! I’m passionate about makeup because of the way it can be used to enhance our confidence and bring out our inner beauty.

As an Image & Marketing Consultant, my priority is to help you clarify & then actualize your ideal self-image for yourself & your brand, so you attract the right opportunities & people into your life, & gain the confidence & success you’re looking for. 


I’ve been blessed to have my work featured on FOX, NBC, as well as multiple podcasts, helping women achieve greater success, income, enhanced self-image & productive mindset through my Marketing Magic & Self- Imaging strategies.


When your brand/business message is aligned with your personal image, and what you stand for, it creates a sense of consistency, trust, and credibility.


Much of my clients’ success stories stems from my holistic perspective, an integration of a combination of techniques, to achieve desired outcomes. 


All this is customized for the individual, prioritizing what’s important, removing feelings of stress & overwhelm, & gaining a clear path to abundance.

My job as a MUA & Image Consultant is to harness your inner beauty and help YOU see it through affirming, loving eyes. I believe that there is beauty in every face, and sometimes we just need a little guidance to see it in ourselves.

In hindsight, the years I struggled with acne were a gift in that they not only enabled me to truly empathize with those of you suffering from the same skin sensitivities, but have also taught me how to conceal blemishes and work with sensitive skin to bring out your most beautiful features. 

Although I’ve been a certified MUA for close to a decade, it’s safe to say I’ve been practicing the art of makeup and teaching it for quite longer than that. Almost two decades before I graduated as a makeup artist, I had been experimenting with different looks from my mom’s makeup collection, mixing the colors and admiring my 4 year old self in her vanity, with her green eyeshadow plastered over my eye and bright red lips to match. 

As a teenager, I was the one my friends turned to for makeup advice, such as the glamorous smokey eye that was all the hype in the early 2000s. My friends will tell you that I was the one who taught them how to apply their makeup, and accompanied them on their first color matching makeup trips to Sephora.

I struggled with super oily skin and breakouts, so learning how to flawlessly cover acne was something I mastered at a young age, utilizing color correcting techniques, as well as great skin products, and spreading the tips and tricks to friends with similar challenges.

Since launching my cosmetics line in 2018, I’ve added thousands of followers to my list of friends whom I’ve advised on makeup related questions and challenges, often-times regarding how to achieve the different makeup looks we use for photoshoots and everyday wear.  


My Image consulting clients range from young girls, fresh to the makeup scene, where we learn color theory basics and makeup application, to clients with mature skin, where we work on the perfect range of products to achieve a healthy glow and ideal coverage. I just recently taught a beautiful 87 year old (my grandma!) how to apply makeup on her beautiful “mature” skin.”


When it comes to makeup and technique, understanding your features, coloring, undertones, and skin types are crucial. Once you learn these foundations of makeup application, you’ll be set for every event, and ready to rock any look you’re trying to achieve!


Contact me to schedule your complimentary discovery session to see how we can redefine & improve your image & marketing!