Second Act Consulting


Are you a woman over 40 who’s looking to upgrade your image & begin the next exciting adventure of your Second Act of Life?


As a Marketing & Image Consultant, I’m here to help you look & feel your best, & market yourself most effectively.


Your image speaks volumes about who you are, how you feel about yourself, & what you can contribute to the world . Your clothes, accessories, jewelry, makeup, & hairstyles, all say a lot about you.


I’ll guide you on the path for how to look your best, utilizing practical skills & technique.

You’ll discover how to choose the best clothing styles, outfits, and colors to make your skin glow & your eyes sparkle!


We’ll cover makeup application techniques, as well as flattering hairstyles, to bring out your best features, & eliminate the complexity of endless options.


You’ll learn how to choose the best clothing for different occasions, how to simplify your wardrobe, & how to shop smartly, both online and in person. My goal is for you to feel satisfied & beautiful every time you get dressed, minimizing overwhelm & stress, & discovering the best looks that suit you!

As with many things in life, your business, marketing, & branding is a reflection of yourself.

Feeling aligned with your personal image is key to strategically positioning yourself with your personal flavor & messaging, whether you’re looking for your better half or growing a business.


It creates a sense of consistency, trust, and credibility when your brand/business message is aligned with your personal image and what you stand for.


Once we’ve established your authentic personal image, we’ll move on to marketing.


When it comes to marketing, no one size fits all.

Together we’ll clarify your goals & create strategies to help your business succeed, & for you to achieve the abundance you’re looking for.


Elevate your confidence, image, & personal style. Feel comfortable in your own skin, clothing & features, as YOUR best self.

Confidently implement effective, authentic marketing & business strategies that resonate with you, for optimal success & abundance.


Your Image Redefined.