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Nechami Tenenbaum, MBA in Marketing, helps entrepreneurs from across the globe tell their stories, to create a closer connected community. Nechami is the Founder & CEO of, a high-performance, long-lasting, silk-matte beauty brand, flattering for all skin tones & dedicated to supporting women’s healing & empowerment. Her other passion is as a Breakthrough Business & Marketing Consultant, where she empowers creative entrepreneurs to uncover their superpowers to generate the visibility & profits of their dreams! Her podcast “We Are Women,” is a show where women speak their truth & celebrate their victories. Nechami has been featured on FOX, Thrive Global, The Ed Kalegi Show, & more. You can reach her via email: Instagram: @karmelacosmetics/@Nechamit 

We can get you featured in:

Kivo Daily, LA Wire, Entertainment Monthly News, Portland News, Voyage New York, San Francisco Post, Famous Times,
Market Daily, New York Wire, US Reporter, California Gazette, Influencer Daily, CEO Weekly, Miami Wire, Music Observer,
US Insider, Artist Weekly, Atlanta Wire, The Chicago Journal, Entertainment Post, NY Weekly, Coinweek,
Meta Digest, California Observer, US Business, Economic Insider, Texas Today

*All articles take approximately 48 hours to get published after draft approval.*

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