Marketing Consulting


Ever since I can remember, I’ve immersed myself in the world of marketing and business. From the time I sold my homemade bookmarks at age 5, to my handmade silk scarves as a teenager, to my current international cosmetic brand Karmela Cosmetics focused on empowering and giving back to women, I’ve been fascinated with the business world and strategies for success. 


After I completed my undergrad in Psychology, and MBA in Marketing, as well as additional courses along the way, I discovered strategies to not only help grow my own business, but to help my fellow entrepreneurs grow theirs. When it comes to business and marketing success, the knowledge of the human psyche is what ultimately leads to buyer decisions and purchase strategies. 


As a fellow business owner and marketing consultant, I understand how overwhelming it can be to start and run a business and the endless questions you’re asking yourself: 

Where do I start? Who am I marketing to? What is my brand all about? How do I speak to my customers’ emotions? How do I create a visible social media platform and utilize social media to spread awareness of my brand/service/store? Etc…


Here’s where I come in. 


You’ll give me a summary via email of your situation before we meet. I’ll look it over, come up with ideas, and prepare some recommendations, which I will present to you during our meeting.


I’ll sit down with you (ok, maybe virtually!), analyze your business, ask the RIGHT questions, figure out what’s going well and what can be improved, and together we’ll develop your marketing plan. 


During our discussion, we’ll discover and discuss your branding, customer segment, brand voice, the secrets of speaking to your customer while being heard, etc….All focusing on your business and marketing success, ultimately leading to solid and clear goals, a productive marketing strategy, reduced stress, and greater income.

If you’re looking to bring more enjoyment, value, and abundance into your business, please send me an email to schedule your complimentary consultation!