Image Consulting

Empowering women to actualize their ideal self image to attract the right people & opportunities in their life, & be confident in who they are!

I’ll advise you and recommend updated and current hairstyles that best flatter your features, as well as step by step tutorials and coaching on how to achieve those looks with your hair type.


Makeup & Skincare

Whether you’re new to the world of makeup, or have been wearing it for years & could use some guidance, this one's for you! We’ll cover makeup techniques & applications fitted to your customized needs, so you too can apply makeup like a pro!


We’ll cover basic color theory for your complexion, how to choose the right makeup colors for your skin tone, both everyday & special occasion makeup looks, the perfect contour/highlight method, smokey eye, and natural eye.


You'll be learning, how to optimally flatter your features, to make you look and feel your best, and to bring out your natural beauty!


You’ll also learn how to get the most usage out of your makeup products, as well as tips and tricks to benefit from products you never knew about! 


FREE BONUS: Skincare essentials for YOUR skin type to keep skin hydrated & healthy. 


Image Consulting

Combining classic beauty approaches along with mindset strategies and confidence building techniques, we’ll customize a plan towards bringing out the most beautiful and confident YOU!

You’ll develop long term tools and skills that can be utilized for the rest of your life, including how to shine in a room, feel confident in your own body, nurture your overall confidence, attract the friendships & relationships you’re looking for, and always look and feel your best, accessing your inner power and full potential.


Hair Styling

You'll learn current hairstyles, both formal and every day, which best flatter your features, as well as receive step by step coaching on how to achieve those looks with your hair type. 

You'll also gain techniques to give the illusion of thicker hair, ways to conquer frizz, or on the opposite extreme, how to add volume to fine or flat hair. 


Dress For Success

Clothing ideas, styles, and color recommendations to best flatter your body type and coloring. I’ll recommend outfit ideas on clothing you currently own, as well as expansions of your wardrobe, to reach your personal and professional goals of presentation.


Mix & Match

Get the whole package at a discounted rate!

Mix and match any hair, makeup, and clothing coaching services! Special bundle, or per-hour pricing.

Contact me for more information or to schedule your complimentary consultation!