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Group Classes

Whether you’re just beginning to wear makeup and are looking to start off utilizing the correct techniques, or if you’ve been applying makeup for years and are looking to sharpen your  skills, this class is for YOU.


During our sessions, we’ll go over YOUR skin type and ideal products to use, undertones, skintone, facial structure, and the best techniques to attain the various looks you’re going for. 


You’ll learn tips and tricks for how to ensure that your makeup lasts all day, as well as the simplest ways to turn a day look into night. We’ll talk about how to achieve the no-makeup- makeup look as well as full-on glam. 


After our sessions are completed, you’ll have acquired these foundational skills and understand how to achieve any look, while catering it to YOUR skin and features for years to come.


I’ve always loved the fun vibe of a group session and find it super beneficial for students to learn from each other’s questions, creativity, and yes, even mistakes!

Class Info (virtual or in-person):

7 hours (Divided into 2 or 3 sessions depending on students’ preferences) 

If this sounds like something you’ve been waiting for, please send me an email with questions or to schedule your complimentary consultation!


I really enjoyed Nechami's class. I thought it was extremely fun, exciting, and most of all learning how to do makeup right! Nechami gave each person in the class individual time for her to show us how to use everything. My favorite part was learning how to do the eyes, I never knew about the triangle method and how it  works so nicely. Another thing that Nechami did was she gave out her own lipsticks which were so vibrant and cool to use. Overall I had a great time and I think everyone should take this course!

Sima Cohen

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