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For business owners who are looking to achieve a more productive, communicative & joyful business environment, leading to increased revenue & employee satisfaction. Through utilizing the power of The Enneagram Personality System.


The Limitless Breakthrough Experience helps your business grow by utilizing the Enneagram Personality System & working through...

✔️ Guiding you & your employees in becoming aware of habitual (unconscious) patters which become a barrier to success.

These unconscious patterns may be preventing you from having proper communication with your employees/coworkers.

✔️ Discovering your superpowers & Leveraging your UNIQUENESS

Discover what makes you, YOU! We'll dive deep into the Enneagram personality system used by 7 figure entrepreneurs & Fortune 500 companies! Your team will learn how to utilize the strengths of your personalities & Enneagram numbers to help your business grow.

✔️ Improving relationships and communication in the work environment through improved Emotional Intelligence.

Business is all about relationships. The Enneagram Personality System is all about relationships, your relationship with yourself & your relationship with others.

✔️ Personal development

Providing higher insight into our own behavior and motivations (deep self-awareness). The process can be applied to guide an intentional, grounded change journey.


✔️ Increased Productivity

Provides insight into individual motivators that allow for faster change and sustainable transformation.

Each number has its strengths and motivators, you'll learn how to make sure that each employee has a job & responsibilities that truly motivate them.

✔️ Conflict Resolution

Allowing employees and coworkers to respond to the other person's intention rather than misinterpret their behavior.

This system provides a framework to deeply investigate the 'why' behind displayed behaviors or resistance allowing breakthrough solutions.

✔️ Increased Business Growth and Profits

This system creates a more joyful environment where employees feel motivated to perform at their best, utilizing their natural strengths & motivators.

✔️ Coaching

Empowers your managers with tips & suggestions of effective development techniques & strategies for each individual.

✔️ Team building and leadership

Accelerate and support deep & sustainable transformations in learning & development.

The experience I've had working alongside Nechami has been one of the best in my 20 years of business.  Taking the leap of faith in investing in myself has created and will continue to create value in my business' ecosystems for years to come.

-Tiffani Rae


I am wowed at the difference I see in my company growth from before I started working with you until now.
This was the best investment I could have made for my business and to see the growth from this is truly amazing!
I hope that others get to benefit from you as well and I will be telling all my business friends about your program.


-Sarah Heiney

Learning the Enneagram system has changed my office environment. My employees feel heard, appreciated, and valued and performance has gone up since last year before Nechami came in and consulted for us.

-Samantha Gils

Group presentation & main enneagram assessment

Nechami will present the Enneagram system to the participating individuals in a group setting.


Each person will then receive an Enneagram assessment to discover their unique number,

Individual meetings

Nechami will meet with individuals & dive deep into their number for enhances self-awareness, growth, & productivity.

Breakthrough to abundance

Now that we know our numbers, we will work on problem-solving, creating empathy, & tangible ideas to work productively & harmoniously with other numbers.

dream outcome

Group Presentation and takeaways, Q & A session with Nechami to end off the experience.


Nechami Tenenbaum, MBA in Marketing, is the Founder & CEO of, a high-performance, long-lasting, silk-matte beauty brand, flattering for all skin tones & dedicated to supporting women’s healing & empowerment. Her other passion is as a Breakthrough Business & Image Consultant, where she empowers business owners & creative entrepreneurs to uncover their superpowers through utilizing the Enneagram Personality System to generate the visibility & profits of their dreams! Her podcast “We Are Women,” is a show where women speak their truth & celebrate their victories. Nechami has been featured on FOX, Thrive Global, The Ed Kalegi Show, & more. You can reach her via email: Instagram: @karmelacosmetics/@Nechamit 


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