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The Abundance Activation Experience

For high-achieving, creative female entrepreneurs who want to rapidly accelerate their visibility & double their revenue through proven pathways, including utilizing the Enneagram Personality System to hone in on their superpowers.


Work directly with Nechami plus enjoy $6,000 of FREE bonuses!
Join our bonus classes, and coaching sessions, & get Unlimited Access to Replays, + Bonuses (Value $6,000) including Masterclasses, Q & A Sessions with Today Show, Forbes, & NY Times journalists, as well as a personalized 5-page Enneagram Assessment document, which breaks down your number, & highlights your strengths, triggers, motivations, & more!


Ready to take unstoppable action?


The 9 Week Abundance Activation Experience will guide you to...

✔️ Develop the powerful mindset to activate your FULL UNLIMITED potential!

Shift your mindset & align your beliefs to overcome fear, & step into your superpowers to achieve confidence & generate abundance!

✔️ Discover your superpowers & Leverage your UNIQUENESS

Discover what makes you, YOU! We'll dive deep into the Enneagram personality system used by 7 figure entrepreneurs & Fortune 500 companies! You'll learn how to utilize the strengths of your personality & Enneagram number to help you succeed in your business.

✔️ Create your own personal brand where clients WANT to pay for your premium product!

Align your energy (Enneagram number and superpowers) & then learn the simple action steps to creating your own unique personal brand, thereby making the competition irrelevant!

Tap into your strengths to create a strong presence, with clear messaging and an arsenal of stories, in order to generate visibility, media attention, & sales!

✔️ Position your Brand as a Premium Product & Experience

Become clear on your WHY.

Learn how to effortlessly brand your business, to reach the right people, who recognize the value & transformational power of your products, & will purchase from you time and time again!

✔️ Learn how to Gain Media Exposure

Discover guest posting & article contributions to get immediate wins. Learn how to cultivate connections in the media & generate free media exposure (including guest TV segments) through partnerships, pitches, & "who you know."


✔️ Learn about Impactful Marketing that increases your audience & SELLS

Learn how to market your offer using the most empowering, client-serving strategies out there. Create a powerful marketing plan that ALIGNS with you. Connect with others, & grow your brand visibility to potential clients via mainstream media, traditional marketing venues, as well as social media, with a proven, effective strategy. Create value-packed partnerships & collaborations. Learn the basics of powerful email marketing & do's and don't for creating a user-friendly and optimized website.

✔️ Cultivate a Loyal Community

Build the most loyal and engaged community you’ll ever have. Learn how to serve your people & make sure you show up for them the way they deserve.

✔️ Learn how to Establish your niche & Price your Products/Services

Learn how to establish who your dream clients are, where to find them, & how to cultivate partnerships & marketing to reach them!

Stuck on pricing? You'll learn about different pricing structures & how to decide which one is best for YOUR activated business.

✔️ Learn What People REALLY Buy

Learn the 3 factors that compel people to buy; get clear on the transformations you create with your product; & discover how to speak to your clients' needs.

✔️ Upgrade your skills & Optimize your Environment

Learn how to upgrade your skills, set SMART goals, & optimize your ideal environment so you can sell your products naturally & EFFORTLESSLY.

I am really fortunate to have participated in this all-inclusive marketing business program. I gained so many tips as well as confidence in running my business.  From learning how to assert myself in my pricing to learning how to partner and market my business.  I have seen amazing growth in my business.  I am amazed at the goals that I have reached.  Nechami was patient in answering all my questions and encouraging me to aim higher! This is a program that I highly recommend!


-Rochel Ribiat


The experience I've had working alongside Nechami has been one of the best in my 20 years of business.  Taking the leap of faith in investing in myself has created and will continue to create value in my business' ecosystems for years to come.


When I found Nechami, I had been developing an idea for some time and was looking for someone to solidify my tasks, bounce ideas off of and put in a plan of action.  I was stuck in creating the next flow for my business and really wanted to see this idea become a success.  


From the 1st session, Nechami was able to take my creative brain's ideas, unpack them, understand them, speak them back to me and help me organize my thoughts and plans for the future.  As a creative entrepreneur, I can sometimes be scattered in my thoughts and Nechami's capabilities of navigating my career goals and needs in a well-tailored manner that builds strategy, confidence, mindfulness and beyond.


I have completed my first round of the 9 week consulting program with Nechami and can see myself continuing the working relationship throughout the seasons of the business that I am building.  Nechami, you have been a gift to work with!!


-Tiffani Rae


I am wowed at the difference I see in my company growth from before I started working with you until now.

Your in depth course on creating a customer avatar has helped me reach my ideal client in a better way. Going in depth to figure out what my ideal client is and how to market towards that, has helped me choose the right products that I know they would choose and love, for my store.

Before the course I was choosing items based on availability, but now I focus on making sure each item is something my ideal customer would love. Instead of trying to please everybody, I now try for a niche target and I’m looking forward to watch the sales grow.

All the social media tips were very helpful and not something I’ve seen before. Your tips were amazing to keep the page fresh and inviting and to get my followers interested. I have a very new Instagram page and I already see the growth. From learning how to schedule content to learning how to create interactive posts that will leave the customer interested for more, we really covered it all.

Thank you for helping me out from marketing to creating a perfect logo, to discussing pricing and delegating jobs.

This was the best investment I could have made for my business and to see the growth from this is truly amazing!

I hope that others get to benefit from you as well and I will be telling all my business friends about your program.


-Sarah Heiney

the art of Personal brand creation

Learn how to create a personal brand that people want to be a part of. Gain clarity on brand story, voice, customers, your unique value. Activate your superpower through the Enneagram & become a marketing magician & money magnet.

marketing magic

Attract & gain trust with YOUR people. Develop a simple & clear to follow marketing strategy to reach your ideal customer/client. Learn how to generate high-end partnerships & collaborations of your dreams! Selling as a transformation, learn how to get into the media (magazines, TV, radio etc.)

Endless abundance attraction

Our subconscious mind gets programmed as we develop & is extremely powerful. Develop an abundance & confidence mindset. Learn how to shift your mindset to abundance, knowing your value, & your worth. Recognize subconscious beliefs that no longer serve you, & work to release them.

dream outcome

Multiply your reach without multiplying your time. Strategize your actions to save time, optimize your environment for success, upgrade your skills. Learn strategies on how to get out of a rut and learn how to make the most of your time. Let your business work for you (save time & energy) so that you can put more time into what you love.


Nechami Tenenbaum, MBA in Marketing, helps women from across the globe tell their stories, to create a closer connected community. Nechami is the Founder & CEO of, a high-performance, long-lasting, silk-matte beauty brand, flattering for all skin tones & dedicated to supporting women’s healing & empowerment. Her other passion is as a Breakthrough Business & Image Consultant, where she empowers creative entrepreneurs to uncover their superpowers to generate the visibility & profits of their dreams! Her podcast “We Are Women,” is a show where women speak their truth & celebrate their victories. Nechami has been featured on FOX, Thrive Global, The Ed Kalegi Show, & more. You can reach her via email: Instagram: @karmelacosmetics/@Nechamit 


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