Client Reviews

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I am really fortunate to have taken this all-inclusive marketing business course. I gained so many tips as well as confidence in running my business.  From learning how to assert myself in my pricing to learning how to partner and market my business.  I have seen amazing growth in my business.  I am amazed at the goals that I have reached.  Nechami was patient in answering all my questions and encouraging me to aim higher! This is a program that I highly recommend!


-Rochel Ribiat


The experience I've had working alongside Nechami has been one of the best in my 20 years of business.  Taking the leap of faith in investing in myself has created and will continue to create value in my business' ecosystems for years to come.


When I found Nechami, I had been developing an idea for some time and was looking for someone to solidify my tasks, bounce ideas off of and put in a plan of action.  I was stuck in creating the next flow for my business and really wanted to see this idea become a success.  


From the 1st session, Nechami was able to take my creative brain's ideas, unpack them, understand them, speak them back to me and help me organize my thoughts and plans for the future.  As a creative entrepreneur, I can sometimes be scattered in my thoughts and Nechami's capabilities of navigating my career goals and needs in a well-tailored manner that builds strategy, confidence, mindfulness and beyond.


I have completed my first round of the 9 week consulting program with Nechami and can see myself continuing the working relationship throughout the seasons of the business that I am building.  Nechami, you have been a gift to work with!!


-Tiffani Rae


I am wowed at the difference I see in my company growth from before I started working with you until now.

Your in-depth program which included creating a customer avatar has helped me reach my ideal client in a better way. Going in-depth to figure out what my ideal client is and how to market towards that, has helped me choose the right products that I know they would choose and love, for my store.

Before the program, I was choosing items based on availability, but now I focus on making sure each item is something my ideal customer would love. Instead of trying to please everybody, I now try for a niche target and I’m looking forward to watching the sales grow.

All the social media tips were very helpful and not something I’ve seen before. Your tips were amazing to keep the page fresh and inviting and to get my followers interested. I have a very new Instagram page and I already see the growth. From learning how to schedule content to learning how to create interactive posts that will leave the customer interested for more, we really covered it all.

Thank you for helping me out from marketing to creating a perfect logo, to discussing pricing and delegating jobs.

This was the best investment I could have made for my business and to see the growth from this is truly amazing!

I hope that others get to benefit from you as well and I will be telling all my business friends about your program.


-Sarah Heiney

I really enjoyed Nechami's class. I thought it was extremely fun, exciting, and most of all learning how to do makeup right! Nechami gave each person in the class individual time for her to show us how to use everything. My favorite part was learning how to do the eyes, I never knew about the triangle method and how it  works so nicely. Another thing that Nechami did was she gave out her own lipsticks which were so vibrant and cool to use. Overall I had a great time and I think everyone should take this course!

Sima Cohen